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General Individual Training Information


Availability: March through August

Registration: Initial scheduling is done per individual via email -

Fee: $30 per individual per session, $20 per individual for groups of 2-4 players

Description: Individual or small group soccer training is available upon request in the South Mississippi area. Sessions are for girls and boys at any experience level, ages 10-21. It's recommended to schedule 1-2 sessions per week, however, fewer sessions are still beneficial if they're part of an ongoing personal training plan. This type of training is beneficial for players at all skill levels, from young beginners to advanced and experienced players. Each session is 40-45 minutes and is led by Coach Neil Scott. View the About page for more information on Coach Neil.

Still unsure about individual soccer training? Check out these online articles for different viewpoint on the benifits of individual/private training. 

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Individual Training Locations

Commonly used training locations are the Jackson County Soccer Complex in Gautier, MS and Freedom Field in Ocean Springs, MS. See the interactive map below for directions. Additional customer selected training locations are possible depending on venue location, field size, and field surface quality. 

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